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LFD Spiroflex 1 biwire speaker cables.  3M length.

Excellent resolution without the harshness  Limited

to current stock only.





VPI Limited Edition Prime Scout turntable finished in gorgeous satin white.  Includes 10 inch 3D Printed tonearm with VTA on the fly, substantial Prime (formerly known as the Classic) platter and Deluxe clamp.  Demo unit.  


NORDOST Valhalla 1M BNC digital             $2224.99

interconnect with RCA adaptor. Reference

calibre resolution and dynamics.

These beauties come in the original Nordost

wood case.  Standard UPS or Purolator

shipping included within Canada.


Plus tax.  Limited Quantities at these prices.


Please Call

(905) 503-0850

Suggested Retail Price

(Current or When New)

REGA Planar 6 Turntable in Stock.                              

Choice of Exact or Ania cartridge or without cartridge.



TOTEM Acoustic Hawk floor standers             $3250

in rare Espresso finish.  Beautifully balanced

speaker with taut bass, articulate mids and

an extended top end.  Mint Demo pair.  Includes

original boxes and packaging.  In-store only.




$5000 SRP

Selling Price






SOLID TECH Turntable Shelf (Large).               $300

Black Finish.  One Only.








Totem_Hawk_Espresso_Demo Totem_Hawk_Espresso_System_Demo



Rega_Planar_6 Nordost_Valhalla_1M_Digital_BNC-RCA_#2335X_Box_New Nordost_Valhalla_1M_Digital_BNC-RCA_#2335X_New